About Me

 And, my name is DEAH. Pronounced as De-Yah not deh nor dih..

I am citizen of Canada but Filipino by blood. Canadian-eh??

I’m in love with my boyfriend who’s now my husband whom I’ve been with for more than 15 years already.
I love Black, Purple, Pink and Khaki. Black tops all my favourite colours. Make-up is LIFE!
I never HATE, I only DISLIKE. So for HATERS who might be reading this, just go and leave.. else, just stfu! Respect for me is the GOLDEN TRAIT that all humans must understand so this world can be at PEACE. and yeah.. I do believe in FAIRIES … xoxo
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Sweet Desires

Did I hear someone said “cheese” or “chocolate”?
 Iphone – ♥ it!
 All my PINK babies ~Sony Vaio, DSlite~
 Sephora, Forever21, Old Navy, and American Eagle, Winners, and DOLLARAMA! – Certified Shopaholic! (#SorrynotSorry)
 Cinema: Watch My Bestfriend’s Wedding – just classic!
 A previous Retail slave, Full-Time Employee but FULL FULL-Time WIFE
 That Handbag from Coach and Kate Spade
 Urban Decay, ELF, Benefit Cosmetics, ummm MAC is love

 In love with LIFE, GOD, and FAMILY

 Wishin for my gazillions wishes to come true

All the things I post here are based on my personal take on things and not influenced by anyone.  Credits will be given to whom its due if needed.  These are my opinions and you might agree or disagree with it and I know you are also entitled to yours but let us treat each other with respect.  Constructive criticisms are always welcome but please do it in a respectful manner.

Feel free to reach me through my social media accounts and through my contact me tab.


I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here in my blog and kisses to you all!!


<3 deah


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