Things You Can Do to Calm Yourself at Work

Let’s face it, no matter what kind of job we have, we will have that instance when we tend to be so into what were doing that we need to pause for a bit and let our body, or our minds breathe for a minute or so. We need much needed rest so we can regroup or regain our composure, to do a personal check if you’re still doing things right. My job, although I sit on my desk almost 3/4 of my day, requires a lot of brain work. I talk to customers and help them with their concerns, do excel worksheets from start until almost at the end of my shift. I remember a co-worker told me to stop and breathe for it seems like I am having a duel with the keyboard since I am typing like a mad lady. I did not even hear her at first if not for her annoying snaps. There’s also a time where I’ve been looking at too much blogs that I did not notice that I already had more than 10 tabs on my browser. If not for the slow response that I got when I opened yet another browser, I won’t noticed what’s happening.

We all need that much needed rest and I am listing below some of the ways on how I calm myself and my mind from all the hustle and bustle of work life.

SPOTIFY calm yourself at work

Play some music – Spotify has been my bestfriend for how many months now. I am lucky to have a very understanding boss who allows us to have music on earphones or just play it loud enough to not bother anyone. Depending on my mood, I would have Coffee Table Jazz, 90s Music, Filipino OPM songs, or my super favourite Boyce Avenue covers playlist. It relaxes my mind and gives me that second of being aware of my surroundings.

Eat Snacks calm yourself at work

Eat Snacks – I would always bring snacks with me at work for several reasons. First, it triggers cravings so it makes me stop and grab a bite and another reason is, and the most important one is, it keeps me awake! My boss’ desk is just beside mine so I seriously need this. Someone already suggested to me that I should try to drink coffee but as much as I wanted to, and not that I did not try, it has funny effects on me either on my stomach or my evening sleeping habits. It doesn’t matter how much I drink, it will still have that effect.

Fidget Toys calm yourself at work


Use Fidget Items – Fidget items, whether the famous fidget spinners, clickers, toys, or whatever you prefer could help in giving a momentary break for whatever you’re doing. You could also use those squishy toys as a means to relax your hands after typing. What I use as a fidget item is none other than my retractable pen. Everytime I am feeling stressed, I would grab my pen and would play or click it like there’s no tomorrow! I am just glad my co-workers doesn’t really mind me doing this, or maybe they do but they’d rather hear that click than seeing me go mad =p

Take a break calm yourself at work

Remember to Take Your Break – breaks are there for a reason.  Sometimes we are so into what were doing that  we would forget to take our necessary lunch breaks or whatever breaks that we’re entitled to.  First, it is your legal right as an employee to take your breaks.  Not taking breaks can be bad for your physicality, your output, your mental health, and can be bad for your company too.  If something happens to you at work and an investigation resulted that you overworked and you did not take any break, your company can be liable to it.  That’s what I learned from my previous manager when I was still in retail. So take your breaks! Its for your own good.

Take a deep breathe and close your eyes.  This would be the best thing to do.  You can be a hardworker without killing yourself. We should know when to stop and get yourself together so you can be a more effective and efficient team member.  Don’t let work eat your sanity.   Find that much needed balance so at the end of the day, you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from work and exert your energy to more important aspects of life which is yourself and your family.

Hope you found this post helpful and interesting. Remember that everything has limits and it includes our bodies.  Abuse it and for sure, you won’t like its effects on you.

Thanks guys for sticking with me.  Today is my blog’s first month anniversary since I launched it and I did not expect the love that I got from everyone.  I appreciate it sooo much!  I love this journey and will continue this as long as I still can write and as long as I still have the inspiration.  Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and my social media accounts so you could be updated on my latest posts.

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