Life of the Fatty D. is LIVE!

The Idea of the Life of the Fatty D was brought to out of my brain. I am not sure how the idea was thought of but I certainly think it was a very brilliant name for my new blog.  I mean, it is not new that I am thinking of making yet another blog, but when I thought of that name, it was so random that what I’ve been doing at that time was I’m just on my phone, minding other people’s business since I am on my  sick leave that day and BAM! that title just suddenly popped out of my mind.  With that title, it is ME embracing the real ME.  I am a FATTY!  But I can tell you that by any means am I implying that I demean myself by accepting that, but more of,  I am actually telling the world that this is me, either you like it or not.  I admit, throughout my life I have this thinking that my physicality attributed to the way people perceives me, that people don’t take me seriously due to the way I look especially growing up in a country where it is a MORTAL FUCKING SIN to be fat or to have a large body.  Yes, as much as I love Philippines but I must admit, a lot of my fellow Filipinos are very prejudice people. If you live outside of the norm then they have this thinking that they have all the right in the world to make you feel you are less of a person because of this.  They don’t care if you’ll be hurt if they tell you, “Oh Mam, you need to look for a dress somewhere since we don’t carry your size..” or out of nowhere someone whom you are not even close to would have the nerve to tell you that, “Hey, ang taba mo no?!” (Hey, you’re fat eh?!).. FUCK YOU! ..oh those terrible memories, pardon the swearing.  I’ll be so hurt though but being the ME that I know, at the end of the day I would still give them the benefit of making me feel sorry for myself thinking that they’re just telling the truth anyway.  Its not like I can really blame them.

Let’s stop the terrible memory lane stories and back to the main topic.  Having said those, as I grew older and focused my life in more sensible things such as Adulthood, I suddenly realized that when I started focusing all my energy on myself, I started to see a more positive changes in my life.  I started to think of my own happiness. All the great things that I am blessed with right now happened.  Its not that I began to be selfish.  It is about thinking of things that would make me feel good inside..  Foreseeing how I wanted to mold myself for my future..  What I want my friends to feel.. How I can offer myself to the world.. My career went to the right path, I started going to the gym or doing some Zumba.  Life began to look better.  With all of these positive stuff that happened to my life, I am now a firm believer of the saying that you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.  Share yourself to others when you are sure that you are already strong and ready to face the challenges that life can give you.  If the world needs your services, you are ready for their needs, their demands, and their love.

So in this journey, I hope you guys can be with me.  I am nowhere perfect so bear with me. This is going to be my medium to show the world. the universe rather (lakas maka Miss Universe) who the really fatty me is.  You will see my opinions on some news, reviews of stuff, my shopping sprees, how I bicker with my husbands perhaps?? and other things that I think I can offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!’

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❤ Deah

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