My List of Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials are stuff that people can’t live without during winter times. In less than 2 months from now, winter season will come again and will bring us light to extreme low temperatures.  Its time to bring out all those knits, coats, and thick and heavy parkas and start packing up our summer and fall clothing to your chest storage so they could start their two season long of hiatus.  I must say, living here in Toronto for 10 years, I’ve already had my fair share of winter storms and extremely low temperatures that I can’t seem to imagine on how did I manage to survive them.  I am pretty sure some of my readers also had their share of winter nightmares but this is something that we just need to live with.  We chose to live in Canada or anywhere else in the world that has winter season then its up to us to adapt to it because the last time I checked, Mother Nature has no capacity to adjust for us right?

In this post, I would like to share with you my essential winter must-haves that made me survive all the winter storms and those frosty and icy winter days.


Coats and Parkas

For me, this is most important winter essential to have. Anyone who lives in a place that has winter season would need one of this. Our bodies can easily adapt to the temperature of the environment that you are exposed to so wearing thick jackets, coats, and parkas help our body maintain the warmth that it needs to function well.  Hypothermia is not something that you want your body to experience.  It could make your organs malfunction due to the excessive loss of heat. So you better use those coats! Besides, who doesn’t like the feeling of warmth!


Knitted ScarfKnitted Scarf

Knitted Scarves

This is my favourite winter accessory.  I easily get colds and wearing scarves minimizes the risk of me getting it.  I remember one time I forgot to wear scarf and the next day I was already feeling that itchy and painful sensation on my throat which are signs of me getting the dreaded colds. I just hate getting sick during winter times and it is really up to me or you to protect our bodies from getting it. Plus, scarves come in different fashion, either knitted, silk, cashmere, wool, you name it and you can find it!  I am more into knitted scarves and I like the combination of those infinity scarf and wool coat.  Its so fashionable!

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

If scarf is my favourite accessory, then winter boots is my least favourite.  If you want to be stylish during winter storms then this my friend, is not going to be your best pal.  It is really hard to look for a decent winter boots that would actually help you walk during those frosty days. We really need to invest for a good and effective winter boots because it keeps our precious feet protected from snow and icy roads.  Our feet is susceptible in getting frostbites if you don’t keep it warm.  I recently bought this popular booties brand, the Timberlands thinking that it would be THE ONE! But last winter, I just had a major slip on my way to work and guess what I was wearing??  But I should say that of all the boots that I’ve had, I really felt comfortable and safe wearing my Timbs compared to my other boots.  I would recommend pairing your boots with wool socks to keep your feet warm and cozy.

Thick Cream Moisturizer

Thick Face Moisturizer

Of course, we should also have some kind of protection for our face!  Long exposure to cold temperatures can be harmful to our face too.  It can make our face patchy, dry, and flaky because the dead skin cells that stays on the top layer of our skin also tends to shed more if we are outside during cold weather.  I don’t use the same moisturizers for summer and winter times. If I know I won’t have a prolonged exposure to snowy conditions, I would still use my favourite Dirty Works Miracle Cream but if its below lets say, -9 degrees, I would be using my NIVEA Nourishing Day Cream.  Its formulation is really thick and I have already tried and tested it to work for me in the last two years that I’m using it.  I won’t wear this cream though if its not that cold because it tends to feel heavy and sticky. How about you? Do you use different moisturizers too or you just stick to your favourite one for the whole year round?  Let me know in the comments section and if you have any moisturizers to recommend, I’d really be happy to try it!
Hand Creams

Hand Cream

If your hands are like mine, then you should have this winter essential.  Hand creams are like my invisible gloves for my hands wherever I am, and you’ll see this in my bag as soon as fall starts.  My hands can become so dry and rough when cold weather starts, and I think I got this from my mom.  I like keeping my hands looking and feeling hydrated and moisturized especially when I just had my manicure done.  Another reason why I REALLY NEED THIS, is I hate papercuts!  Anyone who’ve had papercuts before knows how freakishly painful it is to get this wound.  It also helps minimizes those annoying static sparks.  So it is really handy to have hand creams with you.


Beanie, Bonnet, Toques

Hats, Beanies, Bonnets or Toques

Beanies are your head’s protection for winter temperatures.  I like wearing toques for, not only does it protects my head from the freezing breeze of winter but its also so cute and stylish.  I like those knitted ones because it looks and feels cozy.  And who doesn’t like those cute pompoms on top of it.  It is an essential for me because,  I am as lazy AF in styling or fixing my hair and this is the perfect way to hide my untamed crown.  I know it’s a funny reason but we all have our own little dirty secrets right?!

Bottle of Water

Bottle of H20 (Water)

And, last and the most important essential is WATER.  Since cold temperatures make everything dry, water is our major hydrator.  May it be summer or winter, we need at least 8 glasses of water to help our body regulate its internal temperature.  In summer, it keeps our body cool and winter, it keeps our body hydrated.  You’ll notice that you need more water during winter if you have a tremendous feeling of dryness especially in the mouth area.  I always bring water with me always.  If ever you catch those pesky colds, water is one of the ways to treat them.  I would bring a bottle of water with me because my throat is something that I always protect from the cold.  Ever since I was a kid, I am super prone in getting Tonsilitis.  Try to use less of the plastic container bottles to help lessen the plastic waste and help our environment.  I find that water taste better when stored in glass bottles.  There are also those BPA-Free water containers that you can also use instead of those plastic bottles that is plaguing our environment.

Honestly,  I am not a huge fan of winter season but it is not something that we should hate too. Winter brings benefits to us, directly or indirectly so whether you like it or not, we just have to embrace it.  For me, seeing snow is really a magical experience.  It doesn’t matter if its your first time or your Nth time of seeing it.  Its like crystals falling from the sky (well they are literally snow crystals) and it is really an amazing sight to see.  It also indicates that the happiest time of the year is coming! Christmas! Holiday Season! How can you completely hate winter? This is all about preparing for the cold, planning your day, and the most important thing… Always, always! Check the weather before going out!

What about you? What are the things that you can’t live without during the winter season?  Let me know in the comments section and I might also get ideas on what should I add to mine.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read my post.  If you want to see something posted here on my blog or any suggestions, please let me know and I will try to heed to your requests.

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<3 deah

31 thoughts on “My List of Winter Essentials

  1. Singapore doesn’t have the winter you get to ‘suffer’ or ‘enjoy’, so it’s rain and rain for us. I hope to see snow one day, and maybe I might get to meet up with you then~

    1. Thank you! You really need for sure! You also need to know how to correctly layer clothing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are really necessary winter essentials. I love the Knitted Scarves so cute and looks so comfy, perfect for cold weather. Nice article!

  3. I guess we have same essentials! I love winter and for the first time in many years I’m really looking forward to it. For some reason, I’m so over summer this year and I can’t wait for first snow to fall 😀

    1. I wish I could say the same thing! :p but its totally not bad. I just don’t like it if its icy. I get so scared for my life!

  4. I have never been that cold in my life! I have never been to the snow. Always tropical where I am but I think its a great list. Even in the summer we need the h20 thats a good tip!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you stay warm in the winter.

  5. I needed this reminder to use my hand cream, carrying it around will not help my poor hands… I love boots, though! Such comfortable things. I’m just not a summer person, so any kind of big, warm, formless piece of clothing is just the thing that I like to wear.

  6. I definitely need a great pair of gloves so that when it does snow and I need to shovel that my hands will not freeze. Happened to me last year trying to shovel with no gloves. It was terrible. Also, a good pair of boots with traction and yes, my coffee. Always a good thing to have on board.

  7. Yes to everything you have mentioned, I can not live without my scarves, parkas, gloves, beanies, off course the hand cream and gloves, long boots are a must too. Some extra hydration for body and for skin too.

  8. These are all great essentials for winter but I am totally with you on the scarfs and hand creams. My cuticles tend to get so dry duing winter I am caring with them with oils before bed time. Of course you can’t beat a good parka either!

  9. As winter approaches I myself and looking forward to the wearing of beanies to also hide my untamed hair…lol, Currently I’m still on the search for a good winter coat, I despise being cold but with four children and snow I often find myself freezing outside. Fingers crossed I find one before the snow starts to fall.

  10. Just the perfect guide especially winter is soon here. Lip moisturizer, all kinds of moisturizers-that’s my top1 because my skin isn’t compatible with the cold season. Big hugs from one kabayan in Norway!

  11. Winter is my favorite season!! But then again I live in Florida so its not really winter! I love bean boots and scarfs glad they were included in this post! Also its really important that you mention water because everybody knows that in summer you’re sweating more and need more water but its definitely still important in the winter too because you dry out so fast!

    1. Bean boots! Yes definitely a good pair! Winter is not that bad for me. If not for icy roads then it will be my 2nd favourite season. And yes! Water should not be forgotten! Thanks for stopping by! =) Kisses and hugs for Sahara!

    1. RIght! Something I really can’t live without. If I am just here at home, I usually use my body lotion too! As long as it does what it needs to do then go ahead! =) Thanks for stopping by Wynne!

  12. How I wish I could experience winter season too.I love how you write your blog it’s very interesting.It makes me want to go to country who have snow.Here in Philippines we don’t have snows maybe you know that because you are a a filipino too.Good Job kabayan..Thanks for sharing all those tips😄😄

    1. Hi Princess, yes! Winter has its pros and cons but one thing is I love falling snow. Let me know if you decide to come to Toronto and holla! =p Salamat kabayan!

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