My Fall Inspirations

Fall in definitely my favourite season! It is the time where the weather is at its moderation; not warm nor too cold. This is the time when hibernating animals prepare for their long long rests, and plants mysteriously starts dying for a while and will resurrect during spring time.  Another things that I love the most during autumn season is its the time of great fashion inspirations.  Its the time for dark and strong colour palettes which is so perfect for me.  Its my way of camouflaging my amazing body bumps and lines! I am pretty sure any fatty would agree on me with this.  It also makes you feel rustic and country, making it the perfect cuddle weather.

Looking for that perfect inspiration for this season?  Check out my list of things that makes me feel like staying at home and cuddle with my husband, or that texture for your decorating needs for this amazing season:

🎃 Fall Leaves

Fall Inspirations by D

As I mentioned above, plants and trees would mysteriously take a long hiatus of being alive during fall season.  Here in Canada, once the month of October comes,  leaves starts to fall from the trees and litters our roads and streets.  Some may find this unattractive but for me, it is one of Autumn’s charm.  The different colours of leaves that you’ll see during my walk going home from work makes me grab my phone and just snap away.  I love the combination of yellow, brown, and red leaves.  Although I must say that the only downside of this is it is really necessary to rake these leaves for preparation of the winter season. These leaves contribute to the slippery roads during those icy weather.

🎃 Knits, Shawls, and Ponchos

Bring those knitted sweaters and shawls that has been hiding inside your chest for months now. Its time to flaunt them to the world!  I have this knitted poncho that I just wore yesterday since I bought it two years ago and my mom and my sister-in-law wonders where I got it.  Since its still too early to bring out that bulky winter wear or that parka that is heavier than you, knits and ponchos are your perfect friend to beat those chilly days.  If you got that oversized scarves, go and use it!  Since the start of fall and the annoying  change of temperature here in Toronto this past few weeks, I never go out of the house without my oversized scarf that I got from Ardene last year.  It saved me during those chilly morning and I can just remove it and its not really a pain to carry it during those sudden warm afternoons after work.  Super cozy!! I love wrapping myself with these goodies!

🎃 Dark Colour Palette

Indigo, teal, dark reds, khaki green, orange, browns… these colours are my top picks during this season.  It makes you remember the gloomy day, that rustic cabin in the countryside, those leaves.. It is the time when we tame down those bright colours of summer.  I am a fan of dark colours.  Black is my favourite colour so it is the perfect season for me.  Grey knits are my go to tops and dark reds becomes my only lippie colour during these days and no one would care.

🎃 Rain

Last Friday was the day that I thought about posting about this topic. While I was gathering photos for this post, I thought on how should I get a picture of the rain since I am not sure on when it would rain and luckily, Saturday became “the day” and it did not disappoint.  Rain poured in T.DOT. like crazy! I guess I got what I asked for.  I know a lot of people hated the rain because, who wants to go out when there’s an inevitable chance (??) that you’ll get soaked, or that concealer that you baked for 10 or more minutes would just be ruined because you did not bring that umbrella so it ended up being wet.  I am not a fan of rain either, coming from the Philippines and whoever lived in Manila would tell you that Rain could sometimes mean disaster to us. But that did not stop me from looking at the positive effects of rain.  I am someone who loves the sound of flowing water.  It relaxes you. It makes you think of nature and the tropics.  If you’re lucky enough, if you’re not working on a rainy autumn day, who would not love to just stay in bed, wrap yourself with that super comfy duvet and just be lazy.  That my friend, would be one of the best days of your life!

🎃 Halloween

Fall season is not for scardy cats though, for its the time to get tricked or you get a treat! When I first arrived here in Canada last July of 2007, I am seriously against the hype of this thing you call Halloween.  I don’t get why people would spend money (lots of money) for overpriced decorations that would only scare people, dress up and spend (again) money on these costumes that doesn’t make sense.  I am sure you get what I mean.  I guess you guys know what happened next.  I am now a fan of this event!  We even had numerous parties here in my place and even went around our neighbourhood to do trick or treat! I am definitely a convert you guys!  Its the only time where people would find it fascinating that you look like SHIT! I mean seriously, no one would care if you overdid your smokey eye coz they’ll only think that its part of what you wanted to portray as, or if your lipstick would be all smeared up, hey! I am the JOKER! Why so serious? If you’re from Toronto and you’ve never been to the Halloween Haunt event of Canada’s Wonderland then I don’t know where on earth have you been going during this season.  IT IS A MUST!

🎃 Pumpkins

Last but not the least,  Pumpkins.  I must admit, I really don’t eat pumpkins.  I haven’t tried it either but I LOVE PUMPKIN SEEDS!  Who would not think of pumpkins once September 21st comes?  Its colour is so perfect during fall that people would even use this as their centerpiece or their main point of interest whenever they do their fall decorating for their homes.  Nowadays, white pumpkins are making a trend for being an alternative for decors.  My Fall Inspirations Pinterest Board was now filled with these pretty white pumpkin-inspired home decors that I wanted to try out maybe next year.  You might want to check it out.

I hope you enjoy my list of Fall Inspirations as much as I enjoyed writing about it.  Collecting images is the most fun part of this experience.

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<3 Deah

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