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Ohana Starts Healthy Living

Health is Wealth!

Today marks the day that me and my family started eating brown rice! Yes, I am so proud of myself and to us who, as a family, decided to change our diets and opt for a healthier option for our meals. For the past few weeks, I started lessening my rice consumption for I know it can kickstart my goal of having a healthier lifestyle. As of now, I still don’t see any major changes in my weight but I am glad to say that I haven’t gained additional weight compared before wherein if I eat the normal way that I do (which is A LOT!) I would feel bloated and would seriously add pounds right away. I am planning to continue this and I am hoping to shed some of those unwanted fats.

Going back to the lifestyle change, I think my folks decided to start this because they saw how I changed my diet. In a way I am proud of this and it inspired me to continue what I started. My parents are not getting any younger and I want them to work on their health so they can still enjoy their retirement that is coming soon! Last Monday, we spent our thanksgiving afternoon walking around our neighbourhood. I am so happy that I was able to convince my mom to do it too. She’s the most hesitant one. I told my dad to do this everyday or even every other day since he’s only at home and he needs to have some activities to sweat out all those bad stuff. Hopefully he’ll heed to my advice.

Another thing for today is my husband went back to the gym! I am the happiest! I am so used to going to the gym with him but ever since he had this work-related injury last August, he stopped and I was left doing it alone. It was a major drawback for I find it really boring to go to the gym alone. I did go to the gym alone but not as frequent as how I did it with my husband. I am a happy gym-rat today!

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to fix this blog and get it up and running. Unfortunately, I am not that techie so this process might take a while. I promise that this won’t take a long while and this home will look the way I envisioned it to be.

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<3 Deah

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