Some of my Unforgettable WTF Moments

Have you had that moment when you are just in shock that it happened? Or that situation where you just can’t believe that you’re there and all you can just blurt out is WTF? Last Thurday, I just had one WTF moment that I can’t even explain why and how that happened that all I can really comment on it is.. what the F! So Instead of just telling you guys the story, I decided to list some of my WTF moments and hopefully some of you can relate to it and if, by all mean, explain why did that happen!

Shipment Scattered WTF MOMENTS

Broken Shipments WTF MOMENTS

This happened today at work. We were expecting a delivery from this certain company with whom we get out work supplies from. One of my million tasks is to do receiving for all the things that gets delivered to us. So here I was waiting inside our receiving since its raining. This umm guy *trying not to swear* was wheeling the skids by the truck’s rear end. Here I was thinking that the truck has a way to bring stuff down, like those hydraulic-powered kneeling ramps (i could just be babbling nonsense here), hopefully you can get what I mean. What happened next made me speechless! What he did was he, one by one, pushed the skids off from the truck’s rear end and just pushed and dropped everything to the ground! I seriously wanted to run and get my phone to video what this guy was doing and put it in youtube! Its just so bad! After that I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt that maybe he’ll get some tool or those trolley so he can lift those shipments up and bring it inside, since WE PAID FOR THIS SERVICE TO BE DONE! So I asked him before I signed the waybill if he’ll be putting the stuff in, he answered me “SURE” not knowing that he’s just being sarcastic and I found myself watching the truck fled away! With all our shipments on the floor, just scattered outside, under the drizzling rain! All of us were just in awe and can’t believe that everything happened. Like WTF!

Another one, I was inside the bus, reading a novel using my phone. When suddenly this teen guy, I don’t know what he was thinking, he suddenly placed his hand in front of my face and almost smacked me just to distract me! Seriously though, people needs to mind their own business. I’ve seen a lot of commotions inside the bus, and I’ve rode many drunk bus before when I was still in my clubbing days but I never thought I’ll be involved in this kind of thing. My reaction was so unlikely of me because I am not someone who would swear especially in public. Most of the time, I would only swear in my head. But that time, I swore like a Mad Lady! Guess what I said? Check the title of this post. :p


One winter when this SUV, decided that all of us in the bus stop need shower of some kind. He already knew that the snow is slushy and dirty. This stupid driver still drove his car as if its not snowing and splashed us all with dirty slushy snow. I almost cried of anger! I was so soaked and dirty that, good thing I am still a walk away from home, I decided to just walk back and called in sick. It was one of those days when I can’t get myself together to even go to work because I was so pissed that I might just be hysterical at work. I’d rather stay home and calm myself.

Those are some one my WTF moments. Its a good memory sometimes in a sense that, it gives me a good laugh inside whenever I remember that it happened. These moments gives spice to our lives. It gives us something to learn from. I would not want these to happen to me again but who knows? Our lives are meant to be unpredictable and I would like it to be like that.

I would love to hear your stories! If you have a post similar to mine, link up or share on the comments section.

Thanks guys for sticking around. Its been a pretty busy and exhausting week for me that my blogging was on halt for a few days.

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<3 Deah

12 thoughts on “Some of my Unforgettable WTF Moments

  1. Some people are just so insensitive gosh . My wtf moment was wadding through puddles in the poring rain and having to stand by a bus stop while still being pelted by rain . yes it had a shelter but the direction of the bus stop was in the same direction as the gusts of wind and rain . Total madness 45 mins and no bus in sight . Luckily a kind person offered me a ride

    1. Ohh you’re so lucky! I hope I’ll encounter someone who’ll offer me a ride too during those times. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. These moments can happen anytime! I hate it when strange people in the streets behave so unkind and weird!

    1. I know! I don’t know what those people are thinking.. if they have problems, don’t take it onto anyone else. Thanks for reading my post 🙂

    1. It is! Especially the first one since that’s the most recent. Still can’t believe that happened. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. I had a lot of WTF moments at work. It’s insane how many weird things can fit to a 8-10-hour day 😀

    1. So true! Its so comparable on how many weathers can we get in one day here in Toronto! Lol! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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