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Review: Dirty Works Skin Care Line

Today,  I decided to make my very first beauty-related post and review one of my favourite but definitely a bit underrated product that I have been using for two years already.  DIRTY WORKS!

I am a big Winners shopper and it doesn’t help that there’s a Winners store just across our neighbourhood before. They moved about more or less a years ago but their new location is still reachable by feet which is BAD for a shopaholic like me. I’ve been hesitant to buy skin care products from them, not because I am a very nit picky person but because, I am afraid my skin would love it and, if you know Winners or Marshalls, their products are not something that is available always. I don’t want to need it then I would have to rummage 4 to 5 stores just to find it. So when I saw this brand called Dirty Works, I was a bit intrigued on it coz, dirty works for a skin care brand? Hmm, that choice of brand name was catchy and weird too.  I saw one product that caught my eye and it is the Multi Tasker 8-in-1 Miracle Cream. I need something to replace my then-holy-grail-item which is the Clinique Moisture Surge cream because its cost is not keeping up with what I have in my pocket. I decided to break my Winners rule and bought it and how can I not buy it, its just a fraction of the price of what would pay for the clinique moisturizer. It only cost $6.99 plus taxes! And the rest is history. This item became a staple item on my daily skin care routine. The only downside is I am force to panic buy this item whenever I see a lot of it so I would have a long-term supply of of this lovely product. That’s basically how I got introduced to this brand.

Here’s some information regarding the brand:

A British brand, born and bred, Dirty Works is a range of fun and sophisticated beauty products. Take time out from busy lifestyles and indulge in some girly glamour and me-time. The Bath & Body products each contain our signature fragrance; a blend of vibrant fruity top notes of Peach and Cassis with subtle floral tones of Rose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom supported by base notes of Vanilla and Amber. Buff your stuff in the shower and show your skin you care by lovingly lavishing yourself in the ultimate head to toe luxury. Our Facial Skincare products have been created with performance as a priority. Developed by beauty obsessives, our products are packed full of skin loving ingredients to help tackle all the usual skin concerns and problems whilst still looking gorgeous on the bathroom shelf. Who says serious skincare should be boring?! – Dirty Works About Us Page

Here, I have 5 skin care products in their line that I’ve been using through the years:


Multi Tasker 8-in-1 Miracle Cream by Dirty Works

Multi tasker 8-in-1 Miracle Cream

This is the product that I’ve just mentioned above as the item that introduced me to the brand.  If you’re wondering why it is called 8-in-1, here are the list of things that it claims that it does:

  • Improve skin’s firmness
  • Brightens
  • Hydrates
  • Even skin tones
  • Fill fine lines
  • Diminish wrinkles
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Smooth skin texture

In my experience of using the product for more than 2 years, my skin got almost all the stuff above that they claimed. It helped my skin have that firmness and the way it hydrates my face without that heavy feeling of wearing creams is amazing.  It really does stimulate collagen production that keeps your skin supple and soft.  The smell of the product is very subtle that I was able to convince my husband that this product is fragrance-free (sorry hubby, I know, I LIED!) but he’s been loving it too. During winter times, I would use this for those days that I won’t really be exposed to extreme cold for, in my experience, its hydrating powers is not enough for those extremely low temperatures.  But for the most part, it does its job in maintaining my face hydrated and soft.  It also evened out my skin tone especially after my trip to the Philippines. It helped my skin tone to go back to its original skin colour.  I already recommended this to my friends and will keep on doing that!

8-in-1 Miracle Serum

8-in-1 Miracle Serum

This is the everyday serum that I use before putting n my Miracle Cream.  I only started using this after I went back to the Philippines.   This serum and the miracle cream is what you can say is the “perfect duo”.  Compared to the cream, the serum is packed with more of the good stuff that the cream already has.  It deeply penetrates your skin to give you more hydration and it also stimulates the production of collagen which helps in giving the skin its firm texture.  It is mainly called the “Youth Code” because it is packed with Vitamin E that gives our skin that youthful glow by blocking those free radicals that destroys our good cells.  A pea-size amount of this is all you need, a little goes a long way!  I’ve had this 30ml serum since May and I still have almost half of the container which is good since, its not easy to look for this item in Marshalls or Winners.  What I noticed is whenever I use this before doing my makeup, my primer application becomes really smooth. It just glides easily on my skin.  I even use this on my eyes before my primer to help with its application.  Not only does it gives good results on my skin, but it maximizes the usage of my primer and foundation for with just a small amount of the makeup products, it goes on nicely without the need to pack it up just to get the coverage that I need.  This is the perfect everyday serum for me and I am seriously hoping I can find another one of this soon.  Cost is amazing! It is only $7.99 + taxes! You can NOT go wrong with this!


Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub by Dirty Works

Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub

I like scrubs that actually feels like a SCRUB whenever you use it.  There are some that promises to scrub away your dead skin cells but if you scoop it out of the container, it only got a minimal amount of the scrubbing agents.  I really don’t get it! But with this, this product literally scrubs away the bad stuff and it means it! Its formulation is watery but once you start using it, you’ll really feel the roughness of the particles that is responsible for exfoliating your skin.  And the smell! It smells so nice, that you just want to keep on using it.  I remember using it the day after I shaved my legs and man, my legs looks so polished and nice.  I just want to touch it.  Thanks to the combination of Sea Salt, Pumice and Peach Stone granules which really scrubs away those pesky dead cells. It also has Shea butter that keeps your skin feeling hydrated after the exfoliation.  I recommend using it before bath, done as dry exfoliation and you’ll actually see it removing dead skin cells while rubbing it on your skin.  Overall I am truly impressed. Cost? I can’t stress enough how affordable these products are and they are comparable to those high-end brands; only $5.99 plus tax!

Touch and Glow Radiance Cream by Dirty Works

Touch and Glow Radiance Cream

Honestly,  I have only been using this for 2 weeks so I still have to test it out more. I have used this 4 times since I bought this just to test it out and compare it with the Miracle Cream that I loved the most (LOL, ok Deah we got it!).  I tried using this underneath my favourite BB Cream which is the Garnier BB Cream just to see how it can add glow to my skin but I did not see any difference.  I said to myself, it might not be a good combination since the Garnier BB Cream already gives a glow to my skin whenever I use it.  The second time that I used it is just alone, on top of the serum.  I feel like it actually gave that radiance that I want! My skin feels nice and after being exposed to a not-so-nice work environment, I saw my face in the mirror and it still looks fresh.  I was like, wow! I like to use it alone without any makeup on.  I still have to test it out with my favourite tarte clay ,,, foundation and I am hoping it will have better results compared to my BB cream experience.  Cost of this is seriously good! $7.99 for a 50ml container?!?! Damn good!

Pore-fect Face Scrub

Last but definitely not the least, is the Pore-fect Face Scrub.  I reviewed this last for this is the latest product that I got from this skin care line.  I haven’t started using this for my current facial wash still has a tad bit of product, which is still good for 3-4 times of usage, then this will replace it.  I only tried this at the back of my hand just to get the feel of the product.  For now, all I can say is IT SMELLS FANTASTIC!  I love products with minty smell for it is so soothing and relaxing. It has that minty, and icy feeling on the skin because it has menthol and the scrubbing particles that does the exfoliation.  I can’t wait to finally use this.  Just imagine that refreshing feeling of menthol on the skin plus the feeling of having a revitalized skin after scrubbing… just thinking about it makes me feel like heaven! As much as I love my Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Impurities Eliminating Scrub, I just can’t wait for it to be empty so I can finally use this!

Overall, I am seriously impressed with Dirty Works!  I also had the chance to give my 2cents of review on their facebook page because I seriously love their products and kudos to whoever is maintaining that account because they’ve been really responsive.  I just wish they are more accessible.  I wish for this company to expand more so they could reach more people and have them experience their products. Its nice that here in Canada, they are “sometimes” available in Marshalls and Winners outlets. If you guys can read this, I am hoping you guys also can open your doors to shipping the products on your online store internationally so if ever I need to replenish my stocks, I don’t have to go product hunting which is kind of not a nice thing to do.  Update: They do ship internationally now! Visit this link for more details. Sorry I think its been long since I last checked their website.  I remember reading before that they only ship in UK, I could also be wrong though. =p

Have you tried their products?  Let me know on the comments section on what products have you used before.  I would love suggestions!

Also if you like seeing reviews or anything that you want to be featured on this blog, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I would love to know what my readers would like to see in here.

Thank you so much for reading you guys!


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Much LOVE!!


<3 Deah


Disclaimer: The products in this post are all bought with my own money and all of my opinions are 100% my own.  All of my content is written by me except if stated otherwise in which it is credited to whom its due. I am also not earning from all the links that are present

7 thoughts on “Review: Dirty Works Skin Care Line

  1. Sounds like a good one, I’ll have to look them up. I’m such a sucker for packaging and these are cute! Some of my recent favorite brands are Frank Body, Acure, and Honeyskin. This made me think of Frank Body because their slogan is “Get dirty”. 😂

    1. Hi Krystall, indeed! The packaging is really catchy and its brand name too! I haven’t heard of Frank Body and Honeyskin, definitely would check them out! Thanks for stopping by..

    1. I just checked their website and they do ship to the Philippines! I just realized that they now ship internationally so I updated my post with it. Glad you were able to post the comment! =) thanks Chelsea!

  2. Wow! Nice review. I am not familiar with this brand. I’ve been looking for a nice serum. Right now I am using Elizabeth Arden that I got from a subscription box. I might consider trying this brand.

    1. Hi Warren, yes, this brand is not that popular here but you can find it in TJX sisters stores throughout Canada (Winners and Marshalls). Elizabeth Arden’s serums are great too! I own one and its their Good Morning Skin serum. Its nice too but I already used up the bottle. Hopefully you can find these lovelies and try them out! Let me know if you did! =)

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