Review: Dollarama Lip Stains by Mariposa

One of my favourite shopping destinations wouldbe a shipping trip to the dollar store. I usually go there to find nice and interesting stuff that could either be an inclusion to my recent collections, to my beauty stash, or an item that can be useful at home.  If you’ve read my previous post regarding my recent Dollarama trip, which is our local dollar store here in Canada, one of my great finds for that trip would be the Dollarama lip stains.  I got really intrigued with this item that I decided to grab a bunch of them and  try them.  I want to know if this $1.75 lip stains can be a good buy and worth it of its price. Seriously, how can I actually go wrong with its price??

These lippies are called Matte Lip Stain by Mariposa.  A little background about the brand, Mariposa is a British Columbia based makeup brand and their major distributor across Canada is Dollarama.  You can find a decent range of cosmetics and makeup tools at Dollarama under this brand. This would be my first makeup item from he brand and I am really excited to share with you my thoughts and review on these pretty lip stains.

Things that are common on all shades that I got:

  • The colour payoff is unexpectedly good in almost all of them
  • For its price, the amount product tat you’re getting is so worth-it!
  • After leaving it on for a working day, it did not really last for 24 hours as it claim it does, but it stayed on for a decent amount of time; around 3-4 hours without budging or fading.
  • I don’t like that it feels really sticky the whole time. But what’s amazing is although it is sticky, it doesn’t fade or transfer even after drinking liquids. It is like, its not dry because of the sticky feeling but it is actually dry. It might sound weird but it is, really weird =p.
  • Another thing that I like about this product is, as I said previously, it does not transfer even after 2-4 hours of of wear.

And now, here are the individual Dollarama Lip Stains and some of my comments regarding them:

candy bomb dollarama lip stains

Candy Bomb

Among all of these six lip stains, this is an absolute favourite.  I wore this on my friend’s wedding and I definitely got a lot of compliments for this shade.  Who would have thought that this is from Dollarama?? It is the perfect shade of nude, having that subtle peachy hue that I really like.  It worked pretty well with my nudish-lavender dress.

pink sugar dollarama lip stains

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is an almost-fuchsia pink that already has a bit of red tint.  It is my least favourite among the bunch due to it being the sheerest shade.  I already applied 3 coats for the image above but you can still see my lip shade.


red velvet dollarama lip stains

Red Velvet

This lippie is almost the same formulation as the Pink Sugar.  The has a bright red shade.  I am not a fan for it makes my teeth look yellowish.

firework dollarama lip stains


This lip stain certainly reminded me of the Candy Yum Yum shade from MAC.  A good shade to wear for clubbing or parties.

moon sparke dollarama lip stains

Moon Sparkle

This is my second favourite among the bunch, this has a more dark pink tint.  I love its formulation as I achieved that final look on 2 coats only. This shade is so wearable for night outs or date nights.

hot chili dollarama lip stains

Hot Chili

Hot Chili is my perfect red shade among these lippies.  Its not as opaque as the moon sparkle but the colour fits me nicely that I can forget about that factor.  I wore this to work and my co-worker actually liked it.  She was really surprised that its from Dollarama!

So these are the 6 Dollarama lip stains that I got.  My overall experience on this lippies are mostly hits! I am excited to try more Mariposa brand cosmetics and review it here so my fellow Canadians can get an insight on these pretty interesting products.  Have you tried any dollar store cosmetics or makeup? Did you have a good experience using them?  Let me know on the comments section below and I would love to discover more cheap but good cosmetic items. I hope you liked my new post.  I was a bit MIA for there’s a lot of things that happened during these past few days. Thank you so much for being here and for reading my new post.  If you want me to try and review anything (this is me asking for blogging inspirations people! haha), please please don’t hesitate to let me know. I also would really love it if you’ll subscribe to my blog or my social media accounts:

Have a lovely day to you guys!!!

<3 Deah

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  1. Moon sparkle’s a very pretty color on you! I’ll have to keep an eye out for any orange-based colors — I have strange coloring, and most lip colors look odd on me. 😔

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