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Shopping: My First Dollarama Haul

Love Dollar Store shopping?  Then this post might just be something that might get you pumpin’! Here’s my very first Dollarama haul for this blog series! Just to clear it up, this is not my very first Dollarama haul ever but for posting here in my blog, this is the start of my blog series that I’ll be posting twice a month.
Dollarama Haul
If US had dollar tree, here in Canada, our famous dollar store is Dollarama. We also have dollar tree here but Dollarama is still the first store that comes in my mind or to most of Canadians when dollar store is mentioned. Since the first day I stepped foot in Canada, this is the very first store I’ve visited. It has changed since then though especially price-wise but Dollarama would still be my go-to store whenever I need to satisfy my shopping cravings.. said by a certified Shopaholic!

This time, my dollarama trip consist of things that I need mostly for my blogging and to replenish my beauty maintenance needs. I surely enjoyed this trip since my imagination was working, trying to come up with ideas on what and how to stage my photography for my photos here in my blog. I used a bit of resourcefulness and creativity since I don’t really want to overspend on unnecessary stuff.

Here are my Dollarama Haul purchases and hopefully if you’re Canadian, you can get ideas from these items:

mug Dollarama Haul

Mug with Knitted Jacket/Sleeve

One of the things that’s keeping me busy and away from blogging nowadays is knitting. When I saw this, I got so intrigued with the mug jacket or sleeve so I actually purchased this just to get an idea on how to knit the jacket. Plus, I’ve been drinking tea more often now so the mug would be useful for that.

purple gravel Dollarama HaulPurple Glitter Grave

My brush container needs this badly. I already have sand on it as its stand but I don’t like that it is so dusty that sometimes the handle of my brushes would feel funny. This would be a good replacement since it has a glossy finish so it won’t be dusty at all. Plus if you’ve read my about me page, you’ll know my love for the colour purple.

Fake Flowers Dollarama Haul
Fake Flowers

This is one of my props for my photo staging. It looks really pretty and yup its purple. I love the combination of this dark purple and fuchsia flowers. It looks pretty nice for fall.

Matte Lippies Dollarama Haul

Matte Liquid Lip Stains by Mariposa

I got so intrigued when I saw these. I don’t usually buy cosmetics from Dollarama but these looks really pretty. I’ll be trying it out and please do watch out for my review for these babies. I am having high hopes for them.

2018 planner Dollarama Haul
2018 Planner

This is just an impulse buy just because its cheap, I love the pattern and the colour, and for sure I’ll be needing it after two months! Think so?? :p

cotton Dollarama Haul
Round Cotton Pads

My stash is getting low and I seriously need this. I can’t afford to have none of this since me and my hubby use this everyday. Most drugstores carry their own brand of cotton pads but I personally prefer this since its way cheaper and I don’t want to waste too much bucks for something that you’ll just throw away after one use.

acorns Dollarama Haul
Scented Acorns

This is my most least favourite item in my haul! I hate hate the smell of these. I know, I know.. people love the smell of cinnamon but not for me. I hated that smell but I bought this for it really gives the feel of fall and winter. I’ll be able to use this all winter for photo staging. Its something that I just need to endure for a bit of time anyway so I guess I’ll be stuck with this. In the Philippines, it could be called, “Tiis-Ganda” translated as Fashion Hurts!

baking tools Dollarama Haul

Kitchen Utensils

I’ve been waiting for Dollarama to carry this icing spatula for ages! At last, I got it! I’m planning to try and bake a cake for this coming holiday season so this would be a helpful tool. Ok family, if you’re reading this, please don’t expect too much! Haha! As for the measuring spoons, I actually only need one for my tea leaves container but I can’t find something that’s small enough to fit inside it. The smallest spoon is just the perfect size plus, its the cheapest choice too.

That’s it for this haul post. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this post. I can’t wait to go and do another dollarama trip next week for this blog series. I will try to go to a different location to see what items would interest me next. If you’re Canadian and you’ve never been to Dollarama, its time for you to go and check them out! For sure, you’ll find something that you never thought you’ll need from there.

Thanks guys for sticking with me til the end and still reading. If you want to see something in my blog or you want me to feature something, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll try to heed to it. I also want to do a dollar tree haul but we’ll see in the coming weeks.

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Hearts and Kisses!

5 thoughts on “Shopping: My First Dollarama Haul

    1. Me too! I am actually looking for peonies when I went for that trip but I think since its fall so they limited the fake flowers that they carry. 🙂 thanks for stopping by! Let’s love those fake flowers! :p

  1. I have never heard of Dollarama, but I do frequent the Dollar Tree, here I’m the US. I agree with you on the cinnamon scented pine cones. I cannot deal with that smell either, but they sure are pretty! I enjoyed reading about and seeing your bargain finds.

    1. Thanks Wendi! When I went to US maybe 3 years ago, I saw dollar tree everywhere! Dollarama is basically the same. They just have more expensive and branded stuff. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be posting dollarama finds twice a month so hope to see you again here 😉

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