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Shopping: Mini Winners Haul

If you’re from US, for sure you’ve heard about TJMAXX or Marshalls. These stores usually carry branded items at a very discounted price. Here in Canada, we do have Marshalls but Winners is the more famous one. It is also a sister store of Marshalls, owned by TJMAXX. I love shopping at Winners because I can afford to buy branded stuff without breaking my budget. This is why I decided to do a Mini Winners Haul so I can give you guys a bit of a glimpse on what you can get from this amazing store.

Some of the branded goods that I got from here would be like Calvin Klein undergarments, famous perfumes, branded clothings, you could also find chic home decors and furnitures since they also carry Homesense products. You’ll see in here my raving reviews for Dirty Works skin care line and, I only get these products from Winners or Marshalls, since they are the only stores who officially carries them. One of the reason for my recent winners visit is I am seriously in the hunt for the dirty works Miracle cream coz my hubby uses this cream too nowadays and he used up half container of it in less than a month! My whole container can even last for almost a year! I still don’t get it! So now he has the task of accompanying me on this hunt! He owes me this. LOL!

Here are the products that I got:

hemp seed exfoliating face scrub

Hemp Seed Exfoliating Face Scrub

This is my first item from North American Hemp Co.  I love that this company 100% Organic and a true Canadian (Canada represent!) brand.  Winners recently had a bunch of products from this brand and hopefully they will continue to carry this brand especially once I begin to love this!

Cost: $5.99 (sold in their website for $11.99)

Gossip Girls Survival of the Prettiest Hair Aid Kit

Cricket Gossip Girls Survival of the Prettiest Hair Aid Kit

When I saw this item, all I can think of is my makeup bag!  This is a perfect addition to my makeup bag and it will somehow contain more bad hair day emergency fix.  The packaging is so cute! It is so attractive that it screams my name from afar (take me! take me!). I love the vintage feels of the tin can packaging.  This link will show you the contents of this cutie.  I haven’t opened mine since I still have no bad hair day for a bit of time and I am hoping I just did not jinx it after saying that!

Cost:$4.00 (sold in their website for $11.95)

katvond everlasting blush

Kat Von D Everlasting Blush – Por Vida

I was surprised when I saw this in the makeup shelf! A Kat Von D product, at Winners?!  I am a lover of Kat Von D products as I mentioned on my Halloween Makeup Look post! And this is a great addition to my collection.  I was actually tricked by this.  I was expecting this to be an eyeshadow trio but when I opened the product, I am surprised to see a blush! Because of this, I told myself to always open the packaging if possible and check what I’m buying when I buy in Winners.  To be honest, I was actually glad that I got a blush instead.  The shade of the blush is really pretty and soo friggin pigmented.  It has that sheen that’s a bit similar to Nars’ Orgasm blush.  I am stoked with this item and I got it for a good price too.  Unfortunately, I think this has been a discontinued product since I can’t seem to find it in Sephora’s website and in KVD’s official website.

Cost: $12.99 (sold before @ KVD’s website for $25 Source: POP SUGAR)

Beyond Bamboo Medium Angled Shading Brush

CREME Beyond Bamboo Medium Angled Shading Brush

I have so many makeup brushes already but me being an insatiable human being, I still bought this item because its in clearance and I feel like I don’t have much of those bamboo-handled brushes in my collection.  Its also my first The Creme Shop brand purchase.  I saw their website and I am surprised that they have a very wide range of beauty products. I like their quirky designs for their face masks! I am a sucker for cute and weird packaging.  You guys should check out their website and try their products. Most of them looks promising!

Cost: $3.00 (sold in their website for $8.98)


Make Up For Ever Artistic (Holiday 2016) Artist Palette

Another first time seeing this brand in Winners. This palette consist of super pigmented, super creamy, and super pretty shades of eyeshadow shades.  I can’t wait to use it and make a look using these pretty shades for you guys! This is now a discontinued product since it is only a limited edition holiday palette in 2016.  I don’t have a lot of MUFE products but luckily I don’t have any miss item from them. I love their Aqua Cream shadows!  I have high hopes for this one and I can’t believe its price too so this is a no-brainer purchase.  Even my mom got surprised with how much I paid for this palette!

Cost: $20 (sold in Sephora before for $49USD Source: Temptalia)

My hunt for my favourite face cream resulted me getting these amazing finds.  I might have spent money for something that I did not intend to buy but it was actually a not so bad shopping trip just for the fact that almost all of these items were very good deals.  I just wish on my next visit, I’ll find my dirty works miracle cream.  Until then, I will be trying out new moisturizers that can replace it for the mean time.  I am so glad that Winners carry nice skin care products and it introduces me to new brands.  Hope you find this post interesting and enjoyed it as much as I did.  I might do a separate review for the Hemp Seed face exfoliating scrub soon so watch out for that.

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14 thoughts on “Shopping: Mini Winners Haul

  1. I really like the hemp exfoliating scrub – it sounds like it’d be really good! And also the hair aid kit – I’d love one of those!

    1. I haven’t used the hemp exfoliating scrub yet but I’ve heard a lot of good things on hemp products so I’m actually excited to use it. Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. I’m from europe so I’ve never heard of these before. But a hemp seed exfoliating face scrub got me interested! I googled the brand and they have some interesting things!
    happy to have come across your blog! 🙂

    1. Hi Maria! (I have the same first name!) yes, the brand got promising products and their items are organic, perfect for people who are more into organic/vegan stuff. I am happier that you’ve paid my blog a visit! =) thanksss!

    1. It is! I swatched it and it is soo pigmented and I love that it is not flaky too. can’t wait to post about it!

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