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I Went to The TOMS + ESPRIT Warehouse Sale

This is the second consecutive year that I went and shopped at The TOMS and ESPRIT Warehouse Sale.  Last year, it was just solely TOMS but now they partnered with ESPRIT so they could offer more of the clothing and apparels to their warehouse sale.  I am an avid warehouse sale shopper (self-confessed shopaholic!) and it doesn’t help that Toronto holds a lot of these all-year round.  Thanks to Style Democracy for feeding me with updates on these sales.  Its a bad habit that I can’t resist!  This happenings deserves the hashtag #sorrynotsorry for sure.

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This year’s sale is not that different from last year. They have the same prices for their merchandises.  I was excited to go to this sale for last year I was able to score a nice pair of winter boots that I’ve tried and tested through snowy and icy days.  I am also on the look out for the classics.  I love TOMS classics compared to the their Alpargatas and Espadrille styles but their selection this year for the latter types mentioned are pretty nice.  I was almost swayed to buy these instead of grabbing what I came for but at the end of the day, I was proud of myself for resisting the temptation (taps myself on the shoulder).  ESPRIT has a wide range of clothing and apparels, they also have fall and winter accessories such as scarves, bonnets, and mittens available.


Photo Credits to Style Democracy Website

Here are some information regarding the sale.  Credits to the Style Democracy website and Facebook page for all these information.

Sale Dates: November 15-19

Thursday to Friday: 11am to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Deals: Up to 80% off for everything


The International Centre — Hall 6
6900 Airport Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario

My thoughts for this year’s warehouse sale experience:

  • The warehouse is more organized by sizes.  The products are binned the same way as last year which are in big kraft boxes labelled with sizes.  On both years, we went on the first day because of the extra 10% discount that was offered to Style Democracy’s email subscribers.  This year, the place has more people manning each station hence the more organized sections.  We were there at around 6:30pm already, around the same time when we went there last year and the difference is really big in a good way.  Big thumbs up to them for this.
  • The prices are the same great deal.  I am so glad that they retained the prices for their products.  My wallet and bank card is indeed happy for this news.
  • ESPRIT clothing did not miss their mark for offering good quality products.  The prices are decent compared to their original store prices.  My only criticism is, I wish they could have done a better job in showcasing their products.  Instead of laying everything in tables, I wish they could have hung the clothes in racks.  It would make a huge difference to the shoppers and the employees too.  As someone who also became a retail employee, I know how it feels to follow customers after they unraveled again and again, the clothes that you just finished folding. As a customer, it is really hard to check the items as you have to search through everything just to search for an item.  What I like about it though is,  they are already sorted per size so you don’t have to go and look at each table to see if you have that nice top in your size.
  • For this year’s sale, I am so glad that almost everything has pairs!  Last year, oh my gosh! The struggle is real in looking for the right pair last year to the point that I want to leave everything and just go. But this year, almost all the shoes have their pairs present.. stuck together! No going to the 9.5 size bin just to look for the pair for a 7.5 sized shoe.  This is a lovely improvement.
  • One con is they have less designs for this year.  I am just not sure if they would put out more designs as the sale progress.  Less selection for regular sizes but more for the bigger sizes.  Even for the kids’ shoes.  I expected that they would have more this year since last year’s sale was a big success.  I don’t get the reason why they reduced their designs.  I was disappointed with their boots.  I was looking forward to getting one this year but they only have ONE colour for every size.  Seriously, I think you can really sense my disappointment!
  • They have more bootsies available. I just don’t get the point of them placing a price for a fabric low-cut boots if they won’t have any of it.  I was not happy about that.  I searched for this since its a cheaper alternative but nadah. none. sans. (point stated!)

Overall, it was not a bad experience.  Am I coming back if they would have another event next year?  Of course! I am a TOMS lover and getting these babies more than half of their original price makes me excited for it.  I hope next year they would have more classics and they would have some accessories available like their bags.  Special thanks to my husband for being so patient and for being too nice to accompany me to this sale every year.  It was a bit far from our place so I really really appreciate him being there and driving all the way there.




28 thoughts on “I Went to The TOMS + ESPRIT Warehouse Sale

  1. This sale sounds amazing!! I really love those boots you’ve pictured at the top, as they’re just my style. I don’t own any Toms or clothing by Espirit, but I think that’s about to change… x

  2. One of my best friends loves to shop at these things. They give me a headache lol It seems like I would have to dig for things and I just like order. Great deals though.

  3. Oh wow. I have never been to a warehouse sale like this myself. Looks like great fun and good deals to rummage through. By the way, you are not a shopaholic, you are helping the economy! (I read that on a coffee mug the other day while out shopping…)

    1. Hi Blair! I’ve lived in Manila for 20 something years and I’ve never been to a warehouse sale! Where were they when I was still there?? Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 glad to see pinoy here! Salamat! Mabuhay!! :p

  4. Wow, i didn’t know warehouse sales were a thing, that’s so cool! I’ve been eyeing up some Toms to use as light travel shoes, i might have to have look again and invest!

    1. Toms indeed is a good travel shoes. The classics has the perfect size and weight for your luggage and soo comfy!

  5. I’ve never been to a warehouse sale before but it sounds interesting and I am all for the sales! I will have to look and see where the nearest one to me is!

    1. Yes you should.. i must warn you though coz its so addicting! We even have makeup warehouse sales here and its crazy! Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

    1. I love them too! Comfy in style is how I would actually describe them. Thanks for sharing that link. I’ll check it out in a bit. Thanksss

  6. Never been to a warehouse sale before but after reading this post I’m gonna definitely put that on my “Must Do List.” I’m not a TOMS fan but with deals like this it would’ve been too good to pass up. Thank you for sharing your experience. Please check out my blog: and let me know what you think.

    1. You should! They have nice deals too! I think they’ll have another sale next year. 🙂 i’ll stop by your blog too for sure. Thanksss

  7. Warehouse sales are my favourite!! I loved how you could still find quality items at good prices, sometimes it’s hard and it takes a lot of looking around but by your photos I can tell everything looks really well organized and I will have to check on Sprit!

    1. Exactly! That’s why I always go to warehouse sales. Nothing excites my shopping trips more than getting something really great in a fraction of the price that it sells normally. Thank Amalia!

  8. I have been to a warehouse sale before and it was a lot of fun! I love the sound of TOM’s partnering with E Spirit that is fantastic and it is great that they had good quality products for a fraction of the price x

  9. I’ve been to a warehouse sale at the same place, that time it was make-up! It’s a huge place. Sadly I missed this one. Looks like you got pretty good deals.

  10. Nice! I wish we had warehouse sales near me — the closest we have is a group of outlets, which are fun to look through but often very picked-over.

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